…where angels fear to tread.

As I embark upon my very first blog post, my main thought is of where it may lead. Would an angel (should such entities exist …) fear to tread the path of a blogger? Are all bloggers fools? I hope not and, I hope not.

Most good bloggers have something to say. If you like what they think, you tag along for the ride. So, what I am going to blog about?

Getting children to read.

I have three of my own. Emma is fourteen and, to my delight, devoured Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson (among others) at a young age. My two boys, Daniel aged ten and Charlie aged eight, are far less minded to pick up a book. One of them, in fact, would far rather stick his head in a toilet bowl than in between the pages of a paperback. I’ve tried books about Star Wars, cars, dragons, football and Minecraft all to no avail.

But I want them all to read!

I read only sporadically as a child and I’m sure that my English at school was the poorer for it. I made amends in my late teens and in my adult life, rattling my way through stacks of sci-fi, fantasy, YA and more mainstream/literary novels.

I self-published my first children’s book, The Crazy Christmas Caper in late 2013 and the sequel is well on its way to completion. This blog is part of my journey to explore ways to encourage children to read and to write my own books that I hope they will enjoy.

I’m no angel and I sincerely hope I’m no fool. What I am now though (I suppose) is a blogger! I’m looking forward to the journey.

Come, take my hand… together we can explore ways to encourage more children to discover the joys of reading.