For me, this is one of David’s best books. He has left behind the overly scary storyline of the Demon Dentist and settled for something softer. The theme of a child, Jack engaging with his grandfather, despite the grandfather’s dementia, is touching.

Grandpa thinks he’s back in World War II and Jack is only too happy to slip away and enjoy his fantasy world with him. The plot is great, with Jack trying valiantly to stop his grandfather being taken in to an old people’s home. The end (which I won’t spoil) is both satisfying and uplifting. There’s plenty of useful information about WWII slotted in as the story goes along. I thought it might be a bit much at times but my 8 year old listened attentively with no problems. There are loads of fun topics you can discuss with the children as you read the story to them. My 8 year old keeps reading after I have stopped, even though it’s way past ‘lights out!’

Walliams at his best.

Rating out of 5: ♦♦♦♦♦

Suggested age range: 5 and up