I have read many reviews of this book offering high praise and thought it was about time I read it too. I’m glad I did.


The Dream Snatcher tells the story of an orphaned gypsy girl called Moll who lives among other gypsies in a mysterious forest. Skull, an evil witchdoctor in the camp across the river, wants Moll dead. She embarks on a quest to find lost talismans that can help her defeat Skull’s evil plans.

As the tale moves, Moll finds out more and more about her lost parents. The writing is enchanting and the relationships Moll has with her best friend, Siddy, the dubious Alfie and her wild cat, Griff are well rounded and engaging. The imagery in the book(dark forest, ancient riddles, voodoo, etc) together with the fiery, determined and endearing nature of Moll, make this a wonderful book for children. At it’s heart it is a story about good against evil that children will love and understand.

It might be a little scary at times for younger ones. Skull does want Moll dead and the forest can be a dangerous place and Skull is a truly menacing antagonist. But kids love that sort of thing too and I don’t think it’s overdone.

The story has a fairy tale feel to it and an electric pace that just keeps the pages turning. I particularly liked the subliminal message that gypsies are the good guys.  It’s about time that commonly held prejudices against travellers are excised from our psyche.

Highly recommended.

Rating out of 5: ♦♦♦♦♦

Suggested age: 8 -12