Getting ready for a book launch starts many months in advance.


My new book, The Mad Moon Mission is being published by Matador on 28th January 2017. I already have the Press Release and Advance Information that will be sent out in the weeks to come to advertise the book.

The book itself is still being typeset (pictures inserted and the pages aligned, etc), following which it will go through the proof-reading stage (to iron-out any remaining typos, plot holes, etc) and then it can go to the printers!

I must say, I am more excited at the thought of holding an actual copy of this second book than I was with the first, The Crazy Christmas Caper. I did everything for that book. The writing (obviously!), the typesetting, conversion for the Kindle E-book, uploading to Amazon, sourcing printers, etc. This time round the wizards at Troubador Publishing Ltd (of which Matador is one of their imprints) have taken all of this off my hands… save for the writing bit!

Okay, it costs money but Troubador allow you to mix and match their services. You decide what services you want based upon what you think you need and what you can afford. I feel part of a far more professional approach to this second book which, I suspect, is where my excitement comes from.

I certainly recommend using Troubador to help you produce the best book that you can. My only regret is that I didn’t use them for the first book too!