So, my new book The Mad Moon Mission has just had it’s first proof read. This is the first time I have ever had a book go through this ‘full’ publishing process – structural edits, re-writes, copy edit, typesetting, proof reading, etc. I originally thought that the book should be pretty perfect by the proof read stage.



Not only do I have a fair few text issues to review but I discovered that seven of the one hundred and fifty drawings were wrong!  Schoolboy errors too. Two characters change what they are wearing part way through the story but the drawings didn’t change with them and now need re-doing. Massive drama? No, not really – Curt Walstead (the illustrator), as always, has been great and will do the revisions in super-quick time but it really does reinforce the importance of going through the process. Both Curt and I checked the drawings carefully and noted a number that needed alteration but we both missed this one.

So, I’ve added to this post a drawing from the book that will now never be used. Let Mr Finny’s ‘stormy face’ serve as a reminder of how you may feel later, after your book is published and you only then discover a typo or a continuity error!

You have been warned…