I was absolutely thrilled this past weekend to learn that I had been accepted onto the Golden Egg Foundation Year!


I am not able to call myself an ‘Egg’ yet as that accolade is reserved for those lucky few in the Academy but I am on my way.

For anyone who knows me or has read this blog, you will know that my writing journey has included reading lots of books, attending classes, engaging in long distance writing courses and self-publishing two books. It’s given me a good foundation for writing stories (and I am genuinely very proud of my book coming out in January, The Mad Moon Mission) but I thought it was time to go back to school, as such, and take a good hard look at what I have learned from study and practice and try to polish my writing skills with the help of Golden Egg.

For anyone reading this who isn’t familiar with Golden Egg their website can be found here – https://www.goldeneggacademy.co.uk . This is what they say about themselves…

“We are a team of experienced children’s publishing and creative writing professionals providing traditional structural editing, industry-led direction and networking opportunities to talented writers for children.

We cater for writers who wish to submit their work to agents and publishers. Golden Egg works closely with Barry Cunningham at Chicken House Publishing, with whom we have a First Look Deal.”

Wow! What an opportunity. There’s little doubt that aspiring writers can achieve their dream of being traditionally published via Golden Egg. The number of people who have done just that is testimony to that.

I love writing stories. I love the thought that children will read them, enjoy them, pick up the hidden messages and that I may have enriched that child’s life just a little bit. But children need to find them first before they can read them. As a self-published author, getting noticed is REALLY tough in a market where self-publishing is now relatively easy to do. The number of books out there is massive. This is why I want to try to go down the traditionally published route (possibly along side my self-publishing). This is to give my stories a better chance of reaching their audience but also to work with people who will help me become a better writer.

Spending time with the hugely experienced people at Golden Egg will, I have no doubt, help me continue to improve. I feel that I have just been given the opportunity to give my writing skills a real boost and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Now the hard work starts. I’m going back to school. I just hope that I have learned how to behave!