Look, I’ll keep this short but I have to say something about the abomination that is Donald Trump and the worrying direction in which western society appears to be moving.


The recent decision of Donald Trump to ban residents of seven predominantly Muslim countries is troubling beyond words. I hope we we’ll all get through this madness and reflect on our profound relief that his repellant antics didn’t send the world plunging into an abyss but, right now, I can’t be certain of that being the final outcome.

What I am clear on if that we must ensure that such overt racism and isolationist and intolerant behavior does not influence our children. The world has come so far since the early part of the 20th century when, let’s face it, the vast majority of the western world was overtly (and ignorantly) racist, foreigners were feared, degraded and/or persecuted for no other reason than they were different. Okay, such attitudes still exist today in parts of the world and I am making some wide-sweeping generalisations here but the point, I believe, is broadly true. Integration, free movement of people and embracing difference (tolerance) is the way forward. The World Wars taught us that but it appears many of us have forgotten. This is worrying. The world is going backwards.

As human beings, parents, friends and writers, we all have a collective duty to not allow these moves towards a less tolerant and less inclusive society to prevail.

I write for children. Many people reading this will too. Let’s make sure that we address this as an issue in our work to do our bit to try to keep our readers minds attuned to what is good. Let’s help them avoid falling for the scaremongering propaganda of fear, intolerance and hatred.